The Biography of Kevin B. Willson

       Luck has a lot to do with my story. The luck of having the loving Evelyn & Lewis as my parents, and brothers Brandt and Dennis, and sister Malinda as my partners in crime.  The luck and good fortune of sharing my life with wonderful family, friends and  neighbors.  And the luck of having so many people, who have helped me along the way, with their support, guidance, inspiration, examples and knowledge. Thank You, one and all!  Multi Grazi! Muchas Gracias!  Danke! Fillmor!  Merci Beaucoup!.

      In my 26 years of sculpting professionally,  as in my 47 years of life, there has always been something to learn.  The simple lessons are still the best:

If it's not broke, don't fix it.
Don't take guff from any inanimate object. 
If you don't think too good, don't think too much.
Everything in moderation. 
You are only limited by your own audacity. 
Piano Piano. (Italian for Slowly. Slowly)
Don't force it.
Make no plans and stick to it.
Don't eat anything bigger then your head.

      Dear Mom and Dad always taught to me to make my corner of the world a better place, where ever it is, and in what ever way I could.  I try to do that with my sculpting. Art does not solve the problems of the world. Life, would not be life, without them. But it does enrich and open our lives to the miracles around us.

      Having been born and raised in Seattle, I have lived around water all my life. And, being on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, one could say that I have water in my veins.  Many artists, throughout the centuries, have used the eternal force, and majestic ebb and flow of water, as their inspiration and never ceased to find an end to its possibilities.  From my earliest sculpts, I have been striving to find a way to convey human emotions, through the connection to the universality of water.  Among the works in stone  and bronze that I am most proud of are  "Wave of Humanity,"  "Let the Streams Flow and the Salmon Grow," and  "River Rhythms."  These pieces, as well as the many Otters, Dolphin's, Birds, and the various fountains that I have done, remind me that water is very much a part of us all.
      At the age of 26, I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe.  I stayed there for 9 years,being self taught by my own school of,  "Earn & Learn & Live." Most of that time I spent living and working in Italy, the land of marble.  The realization  that, throughout history, Italy has been a mecca for any artist who wanted to express himself in stone, humbled and inspired my youthful arrogance and passion. It was there that I realized how true and yet how lacking my talent and skills really were.  The years I spent working in Qurceta, Italy were probably the most important and vital to my education as a sculptor.  This small Italian village is home to Hanreaux, the grandest producer of stone since Napolean's time.  The marble, granite, onyx, travertine, and countless other "pietra" are sought by the greatest sculptors and architects in the world.  Here, I was fortunate, as a young sculptor, to witness the brilliance of Henry Moore, discuss the validity of stone in architecture with I.M. Pei,These  masters, along with numerous other equal and lesser  knownartists, contributed greatly to my growth and understanding of my dream and potential.  Masters do not limit.  They allow one to speak. And it was through their validation, that I was allowed to develop my own expression of the human form.  This journey, that began years ago, is still unfolding to this day, and will probably continue to evolve, for, it gives to me, as a sculptor, just as it has given to countless artists throughout history, the greatest challenge, as well as the greatest sense of achievement. 

      Just as important as working with some of the greatest artists of our time, was the support and guidance of my dear and loving friend, Marlise Suter.  It was through her that I was able to show in some of the greatest capitals of the world.  She introduced my art to Paris, Marseille, London, Madrid, Zurich, St. Moritz, Geneva, Mexico City, New York, Martha's Vineyard, Palm Beach, and so many other wonderful places.  She, along with all the other wonderful people that I shared that part of my life with, make up the tapestry, that I will, like water, be drawing from for the rest of my life.

      Strangely enough, it was the love and warmth of these people, that helped me realize that it was time to come back home. Come back home in many ways.  It was time for me to return to MY center, MY beginnings, MY family.

      Even though my career has not progressed at the pace it did when I was in Europe, I believe my art, and the sense of myself as artist, have developed the richness and dimension that could only come by being surrounded by the quiet love and security of family and familiarity.  I am now able define the difference, and yet bridge the gap, between craftsman and artist; between skills and soul, between completion and completeness. I have acquired the ability to work softer, yet, with more intensity; slower, with more velocity; deeper, with more subtlety.

      The art I bring to you, by means of this on-line gallery, is the current culmination of all that has been created before it.  I have done many large sculpts and will do more. However,the smaller works, to me, are just as important as the big ones, and, in most cases, better. They are more intimate, personal and, most of all, practical. A square yard of marble weighs about 2.8 TONS. That would be a bit hard on most living rooms. So are installations constructed out of bodily waste and other found objects. I will still stay with Marble, Bronze, Wood, Steel, Plaster, & Wax.  As you wander through this on line gallery, you will see sculptures in plaster which are intended  to be cast in bronze or carved in stone. These are called "Marquette," and are the "3D blue prints" of the sculpting world.  When you see these, realize that each is a first draft or artist proof of the final work that will come into being, be it larger, smaller, bronze or stone, through the mind and desire of its future owner.

Please enjoy.  If you have any questions about any of the pieces you see
here, or in your imagination, please e-mail.